Meet Sofía Jirau: The First Victoria’s Secret Model with Down Syndrome


A 24-year-old model named Sofía Jirau from Puerto Rican has made history by becoming the first Victoria’s Secret model with Down’s syndrome.
Sofía is the first person with the disorder to pose for American Lingerie Company ‘Victoria’s Secret’ known for high visibility marketing and branding.
Notably, she is also the second model from Puerto Rican who got the opportunity to be featured in the company’s new campaign sharing the limelight with supermodel Joan Smalls.
The Puerto Rican model is featured in the new campaign Love Cloud Undergarment collection by the lingerie company Victoria’s Secret.
Model-activist Sofía took to her Instagram profile to share the news following the launch of the fresh campaign.
She stated in Spanish that her dream has come true after she worked on it and now she can finally reveal the big secret that she is the first Victoria’s Secret model with Down Syndrome.
Sofía is featured along with 17 other models for the unique campaign which is regarded by the company as the first of its kind. It is represented by an extra inclusive and diverse range of female models.
Sofía started her modelling career with the debut 2 years ago at New York Fashion Week and since then she had dreamt of becoming a model on the major runways across the globe.
In 2019, she had launched her own clothing and accessories brand Alavett titled her most loved phrase ‘I love it’.
The model as an activist launched her own campaign known as ‘No Limits’ which aims to demonstrate the ability of people with Down syndrome to achieve their dreams despite the disorder in them.
Know What Is Down Syndrome:
Down Syndrome is a most common genetic chromosomal disorder in which a person is born with an extra full chromosome which results in certain changes in the development of the brain as well as body. These changes in the process of development cause various mental and physical challenges.
The disorder is caused by a mistake in cell division at the time of early development of the fetus and it passes from parents to a child in most cases.
In case of severity, it varies among people and may cause lifelong mental disability along with delay in development. The condition also causes other medical abnormalities like gastrointestinal and heart issues. (Agencies)