Friday, September 29, 2023

MEA summons Swiss Ambassador on anti-India posters in Geneva

NEW DELHI, MARCH 6: Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Sunday called in the Swiss Ambassador to India and raised the issue of malicious anti-India posters near the UN Building in Geneva.
“The Secretary (West) of the MEA called in the Swiss Ambassador and raised the issue of anti-India posters in front of the UN Buiding in Geneva and a few meters away from the UNHCR office”, said sources.
It is learnt that the Swiss Ambassador said that he would convey India’s concerns to Berne with all seriousness it deserves.
“The posters in Geneva are part of space provided to all but in no way endorsed the claims nor reflects the position of the Swiss Government”, the Ambassador has reportedly shared with Indian authorities.
Meanwhile, the posters that have infuriated India say that women and minorities are treated like ‘slaves’ in India among other hateful things seen outside the UN building in Geneva. Another poster says that churches are being burnt in India and a third talks about child marriages and how India allegedly violated child rights. Indian Christians are facing state-sponsored terrorism. Lynching Indian minorities, Indian Dalits targeted.
As of now, there is no indication of who can be behind this anti-India and hate propaganda.
A video shared by an Indian in Geneva brought these posters to light following which the Swiss Ambassador was summoned on Sunday.
(Courtesy: TNIE)