MCD to provide 1-week rations to 1000 poor families in Dimapur


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Dimapur, March 28: With the lockdown cutting off daily wage earning avenues in Dimapur, many families (Nagas as well as non-Nagas) are going hungry here for days with some unable to afford even a single meal a day.
Most families in Dimapur depend on daily earnings for their sustenance. They range from the daily unskilled/skilled labourers to those working as salesmen/saleswomen in shops/malls, which are shut now cutting off their earning.
Recognizing the plight of many poor families in Dimapur, the Muslim Council of Dimapur in a noble initiative has decided to give at least one week ration of essential commodities to 1000 needy families of different colonies in Dimapur.
MCD working president Ahidur Rahman said the outbreak of the COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown is slowly giving birth to other issues like hunger among the citizens of Dimapur, especially the poor and needy.
“In the continued efforts of the State Government and the District authorities to protect us from the dreaded virus, the Muslim Council Dimapur on behalf of the Muslim community of Dimapur would like to extend a helping hand for the welfare of all specially the poor and downtrodden,” he said while announcing the MCD’s decision to provide 1-week ration to 1000 families in Dimapur.
“This is a huge task as well as the need of the hour,” the council said.
Appealing to Muslim community members to extend contribution for the noble task, the MCD said the contributions can be handed over to council members of the respective areas for submission to the in-charges.
“Contributions in form of ‘zakat’ can also be extended,” it added. (Page News Service)