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MBE Zhuikhu Memorial Trophy concludes

Western Sumi sports

DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 27: The 22nd MBE Zhuikhu Memorial Trophy under the aegis of Western Sumi Sports Association meet 2021 concluded on February 27 with Kuzholuzo Nienu, MLA, as guest of honour at Kuhoxu village, Niuland.
Azo encouraged all sportspersons to train for the best “as you depart from here with different awards” and vie to participate in national-level competitions. The MLA later distributed the awards to winners of different disciplines as under:
Champion – East Dimapur ‘B’ team
Runners up – East Dimapur ‘A’ team
Champion – Ahozhe team, Kuhuboto area
Runners up- Ghowoto team, Aqahuto area
Best setter – Alivi, Ahozhe team,
Best Spiker – Livi Shohe, Sunito team
Best player – Lovitoly, Ghowoto team
Champion – Vikuho team, Kuhuboto area
Runners up – Highway team, Highway area
Best setter: Jessy Yeptho, Vikuho team
Best Spiker – Pitovi, Vikuho team
Best player – Avika Awomi, Highway team
Fair play award: Kuhoxu team
Champion – Suhoi team, Kuhuboto area
Runners up – K.Hetoi team, Niuland area
First hattrick – Kakhevi, East Dimapur team
Highest scorer (5 goals) – Mughapu, K.Hetoi team
Best defender – Ito Aye, Suhoi team
Best goalkeeper – Tonoka, K.Hetoi team
Best player – Mughapu, K. Hetoi team.
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