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Mass social work in Dimapur every Saturday


Dimapur, July 27: In view of the rising cases of Dengue in the state, a joint meeting of Chief Medical Officer and Dimapur Municipal Council along with the leaders of various colonies was held today to create awareness on Dengue and how to prevent it.
Speaking on the occasion, CEO DMC, Moa Sangtam said people just cannot depend on the Medical Department but everybody’s participation is required to prevent dengue with collective effort.
He suggested about conducting social work during the month of August to November on every Saturday in every colony to remove stagnant water.
The DMC, in a order issued, after the programme informed the citizens of Dimapur that there would be mass social work for removal of stagnant water in respective households every Saturday from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. from August to November this year.
The DMC informed all residents of Dimapur Municipal area to completely remove/drain stagnant water within their respective house compounds from household utensils, flowerpots, drains etc., and informed the Colony Chairman/GBs to monitor the social work.
The Colony Chairman/GBs have been authorized to impose a fine of Rs 100 if they find any household with stagnant water within their compound.
During the awareness programme, Dr Rohan of CIHSR informed that there were 357 cases of Dengue in Dimapur in 2017 and this year they have already started getting reports of dengue in the district.
He also talked about the signs and symptoms of Dengue and how a patient should be taken care of if he/she is infected with the virus. He informed that there is no treatment for dengue but it can be prevented.
Regarding the medical test for dengue, he informed that only District Hospital Dimapur has the facility for the same.
On the occasion, Doctors also created awareness about Measles-Rubella and use Iodine Salt, besides raising concern on the rising number of HIV cases in Dimapur. (Page News Service)