Monday, April 19, 2021

Marital discord over Nirmala’s Act of God comment


NEW DELHI, SEPTEMBER 5: Wife terms COVID-19 an Act of God; Economist husband says for God’s sake do something ~ a domestic discord over the perilous state of the economy is building up in Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s household even as her Ministry orders spending cuts on payouts to consultants and sundry expenses, while asserting the economy is on its way to a V-shaped recovery.
Sitharaman had last week refused to pay states their rightful GST dues, blaming it on the pandemic and followed it by her callous Act of God comment.
Not so, thundered husband Parakala Prabhakar, like Sitharaman a JNU alumni. They had married in 1986 and have a daughter, Vangmayi.
“Real ‘Act of God” is lack of coherent set of ideas in the govt. to respond to macro-economic challenges. Covid is a late comer,” tweeted Prabhakar on Thursday.
“What I said in Oct’ 19 on govt’s denial mode is vindicated by the 23.9% contraction. Do something at least now, for God’s sake,” railed Prabhakar in the tweet, which appeared to allude to the Finance Minister’s views on the economy and the shortcomings of the Modi Government. Prabhakar had also studied at the LSE. He is the Managing Director of RightFolio, a Hyderabad-based data analytics outfit. (Courtesy: TT)