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March 22 killing: Candle light vigil held in Dimapur

Candle light vigil super market

Dimapur, March 26: Hundreds of people representing different organizations on Friday evening participated in a candle light vigil organized by Zeliang Students’ Union, Dimapur to pay solidarity to the three persons who lost their lives in the March 22 killings along Dimapur-Peren border.

During the event at Super Market complex here, every speaker who addressed the gathering made the similar appeal to the Government of Nagaland to book the perpetrators and award them befitting punishments.
A representative of the Zeliang People’s Organization in his speech said that at a time when a solution is awaited, such an incident should be condemned by all right thinking citizen. He said that Zeliangs are against tribalism and cautioned the government that if the government fails it will be solely responsible for any untoward incidents.
Rukewezo Wetsah, president of Tenyimi Students’ Union Dimapur in his address also warned that if the government fails, people will not stay silent. Wetsah also termed the incident shameful for all Nagas.
A representative of Zeliang Women Organization mentioned that this was not the first time that such a thing had happened and it was a “clear case of target killing” and against humanity.
She said that the community is not against anybody but there cannot be two kinds of people- black should be identified as black and white should be called white.
Dimapur Naga Students’ Union president, Sedevile Angami questioned how could such crimes be committed in the broad daylight with such pride and asked under whose command the crimes are being committed. Angami termed the incident a crime against not only Zeliangs but also against all Nagas and God.
Dimapur Eastern Naga Students’ Union president, Bendangnukan said that what happened was beyond anyone’s imagination and while the offenders can hide from the eyes of men, they cannot hide from the sight of God. He pressed for justice irrespective of whether anyone belongs to underground or overground.

Former president of Western Chakhesang Hoho, Vekhosayi Nyekha who also spoke on the occasion said that some people had misused the name of the Sumis and Sumis should not be generalized negatively. He said that if Naga society goes on like this, there is no future for the Nagas.
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