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Many ‘Pink-Eyed’ at Dimapur

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 11: Conjunctivitis, commonly known as ‘Pink Eye’ disease, which has taken the shape of an epidemic in various parts of India has now affected scores of people in Dimapur.
Large numbers of people, including school children and adults, have been visiting Dimapur District Hospital since July with complaints of redness, irritation and watery eyes indicating that they are being affected with Conjunctivitis.
According to a report in NLTV, which interviewed Senior Eye Specialist, District Hospital Dimapur (DHD), Dr Asonla Aying, large number of people had visited the hospital since July last week and August first week where the number of children were more.
Explaining that the eye infection is not only bacterial or viral, but it is mixed, Dr Aying informed that even there are fungal infections.
She said that at present due to the rainy season, everything is wet which are helping in the growth of bacteria and virus. In such a scenario, people coming in contact would also be affected, she informed.
Dr Aying informed that most people have come to the hospital with complaints of pain in the eye, irritation and swelling. She said some children are coming with swelling, some with redness in the eyes while some have watery eyes. Some complained about allergic and pain.
However, she said that this time the infection is not allergic. She said allergic Conjunctivitis is caused by dust or pollen and also with chemicals, which are non-contagious.
She said at present, it is caused by bacterial, viral or any fungal infection.
Dr Aying stated that in the beginning of July last and August first week, they witnessed large number of school children, especially hostellers and personnel from Assam Rifles, CRPF and Army who are staying in barracks coming for treatment.
She informed that on August 3 last swabs were collected from some children and adults and sent for testing.
The maximum number of people with eye infection was around 60 to 65 on Wednesday, she informed adding some patients are getting cured within one week of medication, while some take at least two week. She said that one child’s cornea was also affected.
She appealed to the public to get their eyes checked with eye specialist, if they face problems with their eyes.
On the prevention, she advised that children with infected eyes should not be mixed with others and even stopped from going to schools. She said infected people should not touch their eyes frequently, practice washing of hands and change clothes repeatedly. She also advised the women not to use eye cosmetics during infection.
(Page News Service with inputs from NLTV)