Manipur man creates brooms from plastic bottles to combat pollution


Manipur, December 30: Usham Krishna Singh a Manipur based innovator has introduced a new technique of recycling used plasc water boles into brooms with an aim to fight against severe environmental hazards caused due to polluon.
The 58-year-old has succeeded in generang income by manufacturing brooms carved out of disposable plasc water boles.
Singh, who is a farmer by profession, has his home located close to a local garbage dumping site where a large number of plasc boles are dumped every day. It was this regular sight which prompted him to find a way in which he could reuse the disposed plasc boles producvely
Singh told the news agency ANI, “I started making brooms out of discarded boles, so that I could contribute to saving the environment at least to some extent. This has also given employment to many people. I took a lot of hard work, paence and ample techniques and procedures to churn out brooms from plasc boles.”
Elaborang upon the procedure of making the broom, he stated that for manufacturing one broom, 30 boles of one-litre capacity are required. File and horse-knife are usually used to slice the plasc boles to a very thin piece in the form of threads. The plasc threads are made rigid by applying hot airgun mostly used in repairing mobile phones while the other required materials are made of bamboo.”
Emphasing on the teething problems that occurred when he began with this business, Singh said, “Inially only two or three brooms were manufactured in a day, but gradually with the use of an electric motor, we are producing more brooms in a day.”
At present 15 people are working under Singh and are engaged in making brooms.
However, in order to increase the producon of brooms, he is planning to increase manpower to 20-25.
Lenin, a worker who works with Singh said, “We started making these with an aim to protect the environment from plascs. As of now, we are able to make 20 to 30 brooms a day. At present stage, the demand is more and we are not in a posion to meet the supply, due to lack of human resources. If the government provides us financial assistance, we will be able to grow our unit and make it the art of the state. We have made 300 brooms ll date”
As of now Singh has invested around Rs 20,000 for the machinery (motors) along with Rs 2000 for perishable items like nails, wires etc. The highest investment was of Rs. 10, 000 for the motor and other items like bamboos.
Singh and his team make two kinds of brooms one by the mineral boles and the other with cold drink plasc boles. (ANI)