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Manipur is no Gujarat, but human lives are same everywhere: NDPP leader Hukavi

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NEW DELHI, JUNE 19: NDPP leader Hukavi Zhimomi said on Monday that while the BJP Government in the Centre needs to be congratulated for acting “promptly and efficiently” to handle the cyclone Biparjoy in Gujarat, the same alertness is lacking in Manipur.
“I know you will say, I am comparing oranges with apples. But still both the situations were disasters. While Home Minister Amit Shah himself oversaw the entire operations in Gujarat and handled the natural crisis so well, unfortunately I cannot say the same thing about the manner Manipur crisis was handled”, Hukavi told this Journalist over phone.
“The ‘Manipur crisis’ is like a black chapter for BJP. We are all citizens of Northeast India and so we feel bad. I am not blaming anyone in particular but collective governance system failed in Manipur”, he said adding, over 40,000 people have been rendered homeless and in Mizoram alone there are about 12,000 ‘internally displaced people’.
“Thousands are languishing in several relief camps spread across Manipur and as such a mess continues, the communal conflict is showing no signs of scaling down…People of Manipur deserve all sympathies. From our national point of view, the State has contributed so much by sacrificing soldiers in the police and army and bringing laurels in sports. Today all are suffering”, he said.
Hukavi said as summer heat continues and there are occasional rains too, problems relating to health, hygiene and sanitation have surfaced in the relief camps in Manipur…. “And for others, the life is so much of troubles as prices of food and other essential items have gone up>”
“Why the BJP Government in Manipur was found so weak and helpless will remain a big puzzle of Indian politics in 2023”, Hukavi said.
Instead of ‘collective’ good governance and so-called Acchey Din as was promised by the Prime
Minister in 2014, the people of Manipur have got “collective trauma”, he said.
However, he welcomed the Centre’s move to sanction a Rs 101.75 crore package to provide relief to the people displaced due to the ethnic violence.
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