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Manipur: Displaced people reluctant to vote in upcoming LS Polls

IMPHAL, APRIL 2: The Central Government has made special arrangements for people who have been forced to leave their homes (IDPs) to ensure they can vote in the upcoming 18th Lok Sabha election
However, many of these affected persons are reluctant to participate in the election.
The conflict-affected State of Manipur is gearing up for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. There are a total of 10 candidates vying for the 2 Member of Parliament (MP) seats in the Lok Sabha allocated to the State.
Some people have criticized the election preparation, seeing it as a sign of disapproval for holding the election before resolving the crisis.
However, another section of society has expressed optimism, believing that this election will help create a new Manipur by electing the right candidates.
The conflict in Manipur has forced over 58,000 people to leave their homes and they are currently living in more than 300 relief camps.
While the situation in Manipur is somewhat calm and under control, many displaced people are still living in these camps. To ensure that these affected people can vote, the authorities have made special arrangements for them.
According to a statement by the Chief Electoral Officer, Pradeep Kumar Jha, internally displaced persons (IDPs) will be considered regular residents of the areas they were displaced from. They will be treated as voters of their original place, but to make it easier for them, they will be allowed to vote at the relief camps.
They will appoint an Assistant Returning Officer for each district. Additionally, around 94 Special Polling Stations will be set up to cater to clusters of polling stations for the displaced people.
Even though the Government has announced special provisions for the displaced persons, it has been revealed that the majority of displaced persons are reluctant to participate in the election as they have lost faith in the Government. (Courtesy: The Sentinel)