Wednesday, July 28, 2021
North East

Manipur: 518 drug traffickers arrested in 2018; 2,210 acres of poppy fields destroyed

Imphal, January 6: Security forces in Manipur arrested 518 people including 406 men and 112 women under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act and registered 378 cases in the year 2018.
According to the source, forces seized over 22 kg of heroin worth over Rs 4.4 crore, 250 kg of Opium and 22.240 kg of Opium seeds amounting close to Rs 1.8 crore, 19 kg of Brown Sugar valued at Rs 3.8 crore, and 9,05327 tablets of World is Yours (WY) drug was also confiscated.
Officials suggested that the amount revealed is the value of the seized substances in the local markets, it is likely to go up in the international markets. “The WY tablet, which, is a synthetic drug is the most sought-after in the market for it is cheaper than Heroin,” said a NAB official.
Of the total seizure, Narcotics and Affairs of Border (NAB) alone seized over 13 kg heroin valued at over Rs 2.60 crores, 203 kg of Ganja worth over Rs 10.15 lakhs and 9,05327 Amphetamine tablets (WY) costing over Rs 45.26 crores, 17 kg of Brown Sugar and 107 kg of Opium was also seized by the department. The NAB reportedly destroyed cultivation of poppy plantation in 1,950 acres of land across the state in 2018.
As per figures provided by the narcotic official, in all a total area of 2,210 acres of poppy and 56 acres of ganja plantation were destroyed across the state. Security forces also arrested 46 foreigners under the Foreigners Act. (Courtesy: IE)