Monday, July 26, 2021
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Make “May Day” Relevant

The Who’s Who of “Good Days” regime are continuously invading Bengal to malign the state how “backward” it is!
This directly “proves” how “forward” Rest of India is thanks to the “revolutionary” leadership of a particular leader and party!
If the “development” of India is indeed a “truth”; then why millions of people of this “mighty” and “elite” country are selling/mortgaging their last piece of “property” and venturing to the Gulf, civil war-torn Iraq/Syria/Yemen and even the “backward” “undeveloped” countries of Africa like South Sudan Nigeria or Gabon! And less said about atrocious work environment in those alien countries and their “security” “dignity” the better with inhuman exploitation in brute slave-like conditions akin to that dark age of human trade!
News have arrived that many Indian labourers are presently trapped in Gabon with no written contracts, valid work visas, regular payment! However they are forced to do excess overtime with no weekly rest! Work conditions precarious, restrictions on freedom of movement, identity documents confiscated! And all these tragic stories coming out just because of the effort of United Nation human rights experts!
When a particular Bollywood film star gets detained for few hours in USA airports due to routine security procedures, the Indian Parliament to common public zealously protest on this “humiliation of India”! I wonder why “nationalist” Indians maintain pin-drop silence when millions of fellow Indians of labour class get tortured in far-away lands day in and day out! So “nationalism” of Indians is dependent upon the “class” of the actual/perceived victim! If a glamorous star is perceived to be “victimised” in foreign land; our “nationalism” gets “severely assaulted”! But let our poor unglamorous cousins continue to get persecuted or exploited in worst of conditions in West Asia/Africa, not a single “nationalist” soul should get moved; isn’t it!
No, despite deluge of “nationalist” rhetoric, the world is definitely not “cheering for us”! It is indeed pathetic that far from solving the Himalayan problems and failures specially in economic and poverty front; the Who’s Who of the nation are merely engaged in projecting the “elitism” of India through satellite and missile, “might” of the nation through mass Yoga-Gigantic Statues-Bullet trains , blatant naked communal polarisation to reap electoral dividend and character assassination of Bengal as “undeveloped” or “backward” without minimum sense that if Bengal is indeed such “laggard” — then the fault lies with New Delhi because at the end of the day; Bengal is not an “independent country”, but a full-fledged part of India!
On this historic occasion of May Day, would the concerned authorities to our class-conscious “nationalist” citizens shed a tear for our exploited labourers, be it in home or trapped abroad, and think of awarding them relief from such dark-age resembling slavery discrimination and torture!
Kajal Chatterjee, Kolkata

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