Friday, December 4, 2020

Maisie Williams goes wrong with Games of Thrones predictions

Game Of Thrones actress Maisie Williams tried to predict how the show would end and which characters would survive but was wrong.
“I said, ‘Let’s predict the final series. You call who you think is going to be alive and who you think is going to be dead. So will I.’ And we did. And we were both wrong,” Williams said.
Her co-star Joe Dempsie said one of the first things he did on receiving his scripts was to check to see if he’d won, died or survived, reports
“At the top of every script, there is a cast list for every character involved in that episode. A few of us were tempted to check if we were in the last one,” he said.
And asked his fate, he simply said: “Look, Gendry’s (Dempsie’s character) the last surviving blood Baratheon. He’s got to have a pretty strong claim. But I don’t even trust the fact that I have the answers in my brain. It feels like you’re walking around with a secret that the whole world wants to know.”