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M.Delhou Khawakhrie Kikramia celebrates 25th anniversary

Nagaland News

Kohima, June 14: M.Delhou Khawakhrie Kikramia of Mezoma village today celebrated 25th anniversary of ‘Thekra Kra’ at Mhiechüzie, Mezoma in Kohima district.
Marking the celebration, the members undertook paddy transplantation and shared special food with the neighbouring farming community.
Folk song and indigenous games also marked the occasion and the celebration concluded with 25th anniversary feast.
‘Thekra Kra’ is deeply connected with the formation of age group.
As per the tradition and custom of Mezoma village, Age Group occupies the core of social structure and organisation.
It also signifies one’s attainment of youth life.
For the formation of Age Group, some designated youth members are normally clubbed together with the blessings of elders with age gaping of 4-5 years.
Basically, the name of the Age Group as per the village traditional system is named after a name of a person/individual.
Thekrakra is a yearly event. It is a part and parcel and follow up event of Thekranyi festival, which is one of the premier festivals of Mezoma village.
‘Thekrakra’ implies on field work to do with paddy cultivation and plantation works.
Thekrakra is the foundation for creation and formation of Age Group, as per the village traditional system.
Formed in 2000, M.Delhou Khawakhrie Kikramia consists of around 70 members.
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