Sunday, June 20, 2021

LTC revise meat prices in Longleng

Dimapur, July 11: The Longleng Town Council has revised the price of meat items and other essential commodities at a coordination meeting held on July 10 at the ADC & Administrator Longleng Town Council office with representatives from DDs, Chamber of Commerce & Industries and NGOs.
The prices of meat are: Beef mixed (cow) – Rs 230 per Kg; Beef Hoof (cow) – Rs 50 per Kg; Beef Mixed (buffalo) – Rs 230 per Kg; Beef Special (buffalo) – Rs 250 per Kg; Bovine (milium) – Rs 250 per Kg; Pork (live weight) – Rs 230 per Kg; Pork (dressed retail) – Rs 250 per Kg; Chicken Broiler (live) – Rs 230 per Kg; Chicken Broiler (dressed retail) – Rs 250 per Kg; Piglets (2 months completed) – Rs 3500.
(Page News Service)