Monday, March 1, 2021

LSU, KSU support NSF & ENSF ultimatum

Dimapur, September 20: The Lotha Students Union (LSU) has come out in strong support to the ultimatum served by NSF & ENSF reminding and appealing to the State Government to implement the agreement made between the Department of School Education and NSSATA on June 12, 2018 in presence of ENSF & NSF leaders.
Extending solidarity to the genuine demand raised by NSSATA for the past year in this regard, LSU questioned the sincerity of the concerned department and the State Government why priority in education sector is not implemented when the agreement was made in principle.
The union urged the Government to implement the decision at the Cabinet meeting held on October 3, 2018 to bring all teachers of 2010 & 2013 batches into the mainstream of school education cadre, while also reminding of the 5th October 2018 office memorandum issued by the Cabinet Cell.
The LSU appealed to the Government to immediately intervene and respond positively towards the genuine issue of SSA & RMSA teachers.
The Khiamniungan Students Union (KSU) has supported the genuine demand of NSF & ENSF to streamline all teachers of 2010 & 2013 batches of SSA & RMSA teachers into the mainstream of School Education Cadre.
The Union expressed dismay that the state Government has lapsed two years in implementing the agreement/decision which was signed between the School Department and the NSSATA, NSF & ENSF on June 12.
In a press release, KSU president, P Hatho and general secretary, Puthai Lamhing said that the State Government should honour the Gentlemen Agreement in-toto to implement the agreed point so as to deliver justice and equity to the teaching community.
In the meantime, the union appealed to the teaching community to diligently serve the students community keeping aside all grievances.
Further, the union resolved to stand along with the NSF & ENSF till the demand is delivered by the state Government. (Page News Service)