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LSU, KLSU condemn CL John’s statement

Nagaland News

Dimapur, September 15: The Lotha Students’ Union has condemned the callous statement made by CL John, Minister for Forest, Environment & Climate Change, and Village Guards at the 14th NLA August House on September 12.
“What has further aggravated the situation is the comment in the Assembly, where CL John mentioned that the people of Wokha are “winning” the human-elephant conflict, and had dismissively stated that only 8 people have been killed by elephants so far,” the LSU stated in a press release.
The Union said the callous remark by the minister not only lacks empathy for the victims’ families but also reflects a profound disconnect from the ground realities of the situation
The LSUinvited CL John to visit Wokha District and Bhandari Sub Division to witness the situation firsthand by immersing himself in the challenges faced by the people and understanding the gravity of the human-elephant conflict in order to gain a more accurate perspective.
In light of CL John’s recent actions and statements, the LSU urged the Minister to offer an unconditional apology to the citizens of Wokha District and, in particular, to the victims’ families as well as acknowledging the insensitivity of your comments.
“It is imperative that only responsible and qualified individuals should hold positions of power and influence, especially in matters concerning the environment and the well-being of our citizens,” the LSU said adding, the people of Wokha District and all right-thinking citizens expect better from their elected representatives.
The LSU suggested that the minister can also think of alternative steps that can employed by the state dept. such as: Acoustic and Visual Mechanisms; Fences and Barriers; Early Warning and Detection Systems; Safeguarding Elephant Corridors; Changing Human Attitudes towards Elephant as well as ensuring the conservation of Forest areas from illegal encroachments by humans.
It said these are some tried and tested methods which have shown positive impacts that has led to decline between human-elephant conflicts in the other parts of the country.
The LSU joined many others in condemning the actions of CL John and called all right thinking citizens of Nagaland to condemn the controversial statement of the Minister.
The Kohima Lotha Students Union (KLSU), has also condemned the comments made by CL John, Minister for Forest, Environment & Climate Change and Village Guards, Government of Nagaland, during his appearance at the August House on September 12.
The KLSU expressed condemnation for the statement delivered by CL John during the aforementioned session wherein he purportedly said that the populace of Wokha District is “triumphing” over the human-elephant conflict and further belittled the gravity of the issue by stating that a mere eight individuals have perished due to elephant encounters, is met with strong objection.
Stating that these remarks not only exhibit a lack of compassion for the families of the victims but also underscore a pronounced disconnect from the on-ground realities of the prevailing situation.
The KLSU also extended an invitation to Minister John, to undertake a visit to Wokha District and the Bhandari Sub Division to acquire a firsthand understanding of the situation. In light of his recent actions and statements, the KLSU implored CL John to extend an unconditional apology to the citizens of Wokha District, particularly the affected families, thereby acknowledging the insensitivity inherent in his comments.
It also asked the Minister to implore effective measures and actions in compacting elephant – human conflict under Wokha district and specifically at Bhandari Sub Division.
The KLSU aligned itself with the numerous voices condemning his actions, and called upon the discerning citizenry of Nagaland to unite in denouncing the controversial statements attributed by Minister John.
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