Thursday, March 23, 2023

LSU appeals Govt to ensure total sealing of border areas

Dimapur, April 10: The Lotha Students’ union (LSU) has supported the standing resolution of the Meriyan Village & Wozhuro Range Students Union to ban all kinds of picnicking, hunting , fishing and vehicular movement within its jurisdiction to suppress & contain the Covid-19 pandemic till further notice.
In a press release, the LSU said it has found that during 21 days of lockdown and total lockdown in Bhandari town by the district administration, the Meriyan village route has been misused to carry all kinds of commodities from Assam and intoxicants supplies towards Wokha.
“At this point of time when India has reach stage 3 of Covid 19, it is very disheartening to learn that no frisking is being carried out to stop the vehicular movement from Assam to Wokha in the deep jungles as we have all learnt that Assam has more than 28 Covid 19 positive cases and it can be easily spread to our state because no security force is looking after these areas till now to contain and stop vehicular movements,” it said.
The LSU appealed to all peace loving citizens to follow the lockdown directives of the State Government and to restrict any kind of vehicular movements in Meriyan jurisdiction failing which the union will take its own course of action towards the defaulters.
The union also informed that it inspected the Ralan Border area and lauded the division administration for coordinating sincerely with the village authorities and tirelessly working for the safety of the Ralan denizens and the Nagas in general as it is a sensitive area which needs to be carefully looked after.
The union again appealed to the State Government to give more efforts in the Bhandari and Ralan areas as these two area share the longest border belt with neighbouring Assam.
(Page News Service)