LS by-election reports from districts


Dimapur, May 21: Deputy Commissioner & Assistant Returning Officer (ARO), Mokokchung has informed that due to onset of rainy season, modification of poll timing has been done for the by election to Nagaland Parliamentary Constituency 2018 for polling – 2 stations under Mokokchung district. The poll timing will be from 7 am to 3 pm for the following polling stations under different constituencies:
21- Tuli Sector-1: 13-Kangtsung Tuluba -II N/wing, 14-Kangtsung Tuluba- III, 25-Kangtsung Tuluba- IV, 15-Anaki, 22-Anaki Yimsen, 23-Anaki-‘C’, 24-Tuli Station- III, 29-Kangtsung Yimsen Village
21-Tuli Sector-2: 16-Molungyimsen-I, 17-Molungyimsen-II, 26-Aopenzu
29-Jangpetkomg Sector- 22: 9-Waromung-I, 10- Waromung- II, 18-Waromung – III, 15-Waromung Compound, 11- Alongkima
30-Alongtaki Sector-22: 15- Yimjenkimong, 16-Monlungkimong- I, 17- Molungkimong- II
30- Alongtaki Sector- 25: 1-Yajang- A, 2- Yajang- C & B, 25- Yajang C-I, 21- Yajang B, 3-Lirmen, 4-Aonokpu
30- Alongtaki Sector-26: 5-Longchen, 6- Nokpu- I, 7- Nokpu -II, 8- Changdang, 9- Lakhuni, 22- Alongtaki Compound, 34-Lizo Model Village
30-Alongtaki Sector-2: 31- Aosenden, 32-Aosungkum, 33-Aokum & Tsutapela
30-Alongtaki Sector-27: 19- Saringyim, 20-Tsuremmen, 23-Akumen, 24-Aonokpuyimsen
Longleng: As per direction from Election Commission, all the contesting candidates and political parties that the poll timing for P-2 Polling stations will be from 7 am to 3 pm. The P-2 polling station are the polling stations where the polling parties have to move out from the dispersal centre (District headquarter) two days prior to the date of poll. The details of 23 P-2 polling stations are:
6 Polling Stations under 56 Noklak A/C: 56/15-Langnok, 56/16-Nokhu ‘A’, 56/17-Nokhu ‘B’, 56/18-Anyashu, 56/19- Choklangan, 56/20-Kingpao
12 Polling Stations under 57 Thonoknyu A/C: 57/10-Wui, 57/11-Kenjong, 57/17-Chiphur, 57/18-Pang, 57/19-Thongsonyu, 57/20-Kiusam, 57/21-Metonger, 57/22-Sangkumti, 57/23-Longtsunger, 57/24-Pokphur, 57/25-Sangtsubger & 57/27-Chikiponger
5 Polling Stations under 58-Shamator-Chessore A/C: 58/13-Rurur ‘A’, 58/14-Rurur ‘B’, 58/22-Kephore, 58/23-Shiponger & 58/24-Kiutsukiur
Wokha: DC Wokha Manazir Jeelani Samoon, IAS District Magistrate, Wokha has prohibited carrying of licensed arms, stick, daos, explosives (like fire crackers) machets. The DC also prohibited all contesting candidates or their agents or political parties from wall writing, pasting posters, paper or defacement in any form or erecting of cutouts, hoardings, banners in public property or public premises without due permissions of District Magistrate.
The DC also prohibited use of P.A/loud speaker system between 10 pm to 6 am, prohibit person or group of persons form carrying cash above Rs 50,000 without valid documents, prohibit for any person over 16 years of age wearing of mask, hood or any other device whereby a substantial portion of face is hidden or covered so as to conceal the identity of the wearer, to be or appear in any public space or upto any private property without consent of owner/tenant thereof in writing.
In an order the DC said whereas the emergent nature of the case and circumstances do not permit serving of notice upon the general public in due public in due time and hereby the order is passed ex-parte under sub section 2 of sec. 144 CrPC and is directed to the public of Wokha district in general.
The DC’s order come into force within Wokha District with immediate effect till declaration of result. The order shall not apply to officials involved in Government/ election related work and law enforcing agencies.
Kiphire: The Kiphire District second round of polling personal training was held on May 21 at Government Higher Secondary School Kiphire. Deputy Commissioner Kphire Mohammed Ali Shihab IAS briefing the polling personnel said that though Kiphire district is said to be backward and remote area he expressed confidence that Kiphire District will perform election duty perfectly. He encouraged the polling personal to dedicate themselves and do their assigned job. He further requested the polling personnel to contact the concerned village authority and bring social unity amongst them and give their effort for success and peaceful polling process in their respective polling stations.
Peren: The first randomization of EVM-VVPAT machines for bye-election to the Lok Sabha was done as per instructions of the Election Commission of India on May 20 at Old DC Office building Peren Town.
The EVM- VVPAT randomisation was done in the presence of the recognised national/ state political parties for the district with the machines management team.
Phek: Deputy Commissioner Phek, Shanavas C, IAS has informed all officers under Phek District that all Government vehicles have been requisitioned for the conduct of by-poll to Nagaland Parliamentary Constituency 2018. Hence, driver along with Government vehicles in good running condition should report to the Transport Committee Local Ground, Phek Town at 10 am on May 25. Failure to comply with the order will be dealt with as per election laws, the DC said.
Longleng: Deputy Commissioner & ARO Longleng John Tsulise Sangtam has informed all Government officer/officials that the 2nd phase training for polling personnel will be held from May 21 to 23 at 11 am.
Presiding Officers & 1st Polling Officers at EBRC Hall, Longleng on May 21 at 11 am; 2nd Polling Officers & 3rd Polling Officers at EBRC hall, Longleng on May 22 at 11 am; VVPAT personnel/4th Polling Officers at DC conference hall, Longleng on May 23 at 11 am and exclusive training for all women polling officers at EBRC Hall Longleng on May 23 at 11 am.
In this connection, the DC & ARO Longleng directed all the polling personnel listed for polling day to attend the training program without fail. The DC further directed all HODs to submit their attached official vehicle to the DC & ARO Longleng latest by May 21 positively.
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