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LRD distributes varieties of plantation to farmers in Longleng

LRD Longleng under PMKSY WDC Project distributes crops to farmers
Dimapur, June 26: The Department of Land Resource (LRD), Longleng has implemented various activities under PMKSY-WDC Project by distributing varieties of crops/plantation to the farmers of the district for the last few months. The LRD team lead by Kughalu Chishi, District Project Officer (DPO) has been visiting project villages and distributing varieties of plantation to the farmers.
Apart from coffee and rubber plantation in Longleng, the Department of Land Resources have also distributed arecanut, sugarcane, pineapple, cardamom, sweet orange, litchi, beetle vine, black pepper etc in the project villages based on its favourable climatic condition for the year 2020 with an objective of providing sustainable economic development of our farmers in the region.
The lockdown pandemic has created a positive mindset to the local people to grow more and emphasis on our own organic food productions with the objective to meet the nutritional and medicinal requirement of the family as well as for substantial income to boost rural economy.
The Department under Longleng District have also initiated kitchen garden (growing/cultivating crop rotation throughout the year) in line with permaculture in every project villages of the district.
Local species such as broom grass, naganeem, lali, kadam, hollock and khokoonetc were also introduced. Other saplings like orange and litchi at Dankhao village, cardamom at Yongnyah village, broom grass at Niang and Yongshai village, litchi at Orangkong village, pineapple at Yaong (B), betel vine at Niang and Shamshangching village, khokoon/ hollock at Yongnyah village, black pepper at YongnyahYongam and Buramsang village, arecanut at Setap, Apoiji, Kangching and Tamlu village were distributed based on suitable climatic conditions of the region despite lockdown to meet the needs of the farmers.
The giloy plant and drumstick cuttings were also distributed in all the 25 project villages under Longleng district. Because of its great medicinal and nutritional value the objective of the LRD is to let every household have at least one plant each in their backyard/garden to meet their requirements and keep themselves fit and strong to fight against any adverse infectious and contagious disease during these unpredictable life risking COVID-19 pandemic environment. (Page News Service)