Loyem Memorial Trophy 2019

The first match of day 5 Loyem Memorial Trophy 2019 was played between Hügel Hifler (senior) and Hügel Hifler (junior). The match end with two goals to one.
Goal scorer
Hopong jersy no 22 of Hügel Hifler (senior) score at 10 minute.
Lachumong jersy no 10 of Hügel Hifliers (Junior) score at 22 minutes
Bemolemba jersy no 10 of Hügel Hifler (senior) score the goal at 54 minute.
Khaoshoi jersy no 21 of Hügel Hiflier (senior) was awarded yellow card at 21 minute.
The second match of the day was played between DEF Tuensang and Tiaren FC.
The match end with one goal each.
Goal scorer
Yemjong jersy no.11 of DEF Tuensang finds a neet at 18 minute.
Akhong jersy no 16 of Tiaren FC score the goal at 57 minute.
Limathung jersy no 18 of DEF Tuensang was awarded yellow card.
Today’s matches (16/10/2019)
1st match – Skipper Young Fc VS United Saksi FC(12: noon)
2nd match- Nyenshen FC Vs Laiket Lembou Seadogs (1:30 pm)
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