Friday, February 26, 2021

Lotha to English dictionary released

Dimapur, April 28: A new Lotha to English language dictionary with 1.6 lakhs words has been compiled and released. The author Marius Yanthan started his work in 2013 and took six years to complete the first edition.
The self published dictionary will be in book shops and other selling points by the end of the week, said the author in a press release.
The author said all efforts were made to include all possible words in general use, in written forms and also conversational Lotha dialect. He stated that Lotha dialect is very rich in terms of words, figure of speech, combination of words and phrases, especially in spoken language. According to him, many Lothas, especially the present generation born and brought up in towns, do not know how to speak their mother tongue properly.
The dictionary has been designed and brought out to meet the need of the first time learners. This is the first comprehensive Lotha-English dictionary, he said.
Marius Yanthan was born in Lakhuti village, Wokha. He graduated with honours in English literature from Dibrugarh Kanoi College, Assam. He joined the Nagaland Police Service through competitive examination conducted by the Nagaland Public Service Commission and retired as an officer of the Indian Police Service. (Page News Service)