Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Lotha Organizations on National Highway 2 through Wokha town

The Lotha Hoho and its frontal organisations such as the Village Council Chairmen A ssociation, Lotha Students’ Union, Lotha Eloe Hoho (Women Hoho), Lotha Youth Hoho, Joint Action Committee (JAC) on Hational Highway 2 fully aware of the story of how the Widening and Strengthening o f the NH 2 through the Wokha town – 72.4 km to 83 km (a stretch of 10.6 km). The sanctioned amount for the Project is Rs.12231.78.00 lakh (Rupees one hundred twenty two crore thirty one lakh seventy eight thousand) only, which amounts to Rs.11,53,94,150.00 (Rupees eleven crore fifty three lakh ninety f our thousand one hundred fifty) only (approx) per kilometre. The amount for Damage compensation within this stretch is Rs.17,79,39,874.00 (Rupees seventeen crore seventy nine lakh thirty nine thousand eight hundred seventy four) only; which amounts to Rs.1,67,86,780.00 (Rupees one crore sixty seven l akh eighty six thousand seven hundred eighty) only per km. The Contract work has been allotted to M/S TTC Infra India Ltd. The specified average carriageway is given as 8.50 meters (28 feet) and hence f ormation width (total width of the road) is carriageway plus the shoulders on both sides and the drain. T he people of Wokha District in general and those of Wokha town in particular have been eagerly waiting, for the last two years, for the up gradation of this NH, through wokha town. But due to various excuses like improper payment of Damage Compensation, Non Acquisition of Compensated land, Non Co o peration by the contractor, etc, the Project work has not so far been implemented. Numerous co ordination meetings have been convened by various authorities and organisations such as the District A dministration, Highway authority, Stakeholder NGOs, CSOs etc.
Among the various meetings, the High level Consultation meeting, on the matter, was convened by the Deputy Chief Minister, Mr. T.R. Zeliang, incharge of National Highway, on the 16th November 2 023, at the Nagaland Secretariat Conference Hall, Kohima. The meeting culminated in agreeing by all p arties that the work would resume on the 1st December 2023 (after two weeks preparation). The Dy CM also committed to personally inspect the work site and he did visit the site on the 4th December 2023; a nd he personally carried out on the spot inspection with all the stakeholder parties, authorities and the c ontractor. After spot verification; the Deputy CM also held a meeting at the Hammock Resort, Wokha, and all parties unanimously agreed to resume the work immediately. The improper acquisition of c ompensated sites and structures are to be acquired by the District Administration and National H ighway authorities as per the record of payments of Compensation.
But surprisingly the concerned authorities and the contractor have so far not taken any action, till this Press statement going to the press. It is not understood as to why the responsible District A dministration, the National Highway authority and the contractor are keeping idle and not showing any c oncern for the people. The Wokha District Administration and the National Highway, Kohima Division, h ave jointly assessed the Compensation amounts and paid by them according to their assessment. H ence the District Administration and the concerned NH Division authorities will be held responsible. A lso the problem of acquisition is not of the entire stretch and the contractor should execute the work, except where acquisition is not finalised. But the contractor has withdrawn all his machinery, inventories a nd manpower etc from worksite since May 2023, citing lame excuses. It is no longer tolerable and the stakeholders will not be responsible for any untoward eventuality. The contractor should be Blacklisted and not be allotted any more contract work. The readers are apprised that except where acquisition is to be finalised for paid structures/land, the contractor should have executed the roadwork. It is needless to explain since Commuters through Wokha town of NH2 can see the reality of the road condition. The sanction period is known to lapse on the 31st March 2024. But the amount of work so far done is hardly 10% and it may not be possible to execute the remaining work within the remaining three months
(January, February and March 2024). Is it that the contractor is deliberately delaying the implementation, so as to pursue for Revision of the Project Report? The stake holders are not hindering the work execution; but instead insisting on proper implementation, as per approved specifications. The stake holders know the ground reality and the contractor is responsible for the delay and should not be allowed escalation; but be blacklisted and the work allotted to any other competent contractor.
The Wokha District Administration and the concerned NH Division authorities have been seen as lackadaisical in attitude and least concerned for the welfare of the concerned beneficiary people. With the present trend going as it is, the stakeholders will have no other option; but to demanded for CBI inquiry or the like; for the mischievous Compensation payments and that the responsible District Administration and NH officers be held accountable by taking Disciplinary action as per relevant laws.
The concerned authorities and readers are apprised that any delay will not make the stakeholders forget the matter and make them give up the matter. Instead further delays it will only provoke the stakeholders more and more and make the imbroglio worse and more serious.
The concerned authorities and the contractor are urged to solve the imbroglio at the earliest so as to avert any further confrontation and to ameliorate the work implementation.
The Ministry is requested to examine the matter and to summon the concerned authorities for necessary action to ameliorate the implementation work. The Ministry is further requested to blacklist the contractor, M/S TTC Infra India Ltd, and to allot the work to any other competent contractor.
Er. Mhondamo Ovung
Chairman, Lotha Hoho, Okying Wokha
Tsupon Murry
General Secretary, Lotha Hoho, Okying Wokha
Chiben P Kikon
Convener, Joint Action Committee, NH 2/61
Lirhonthung Kithan
President Lotha Students’ Union, Wokha
Thungbeni Ngullie
President, Lotha Eloe hoho, Wokha
Limhathung Yanthan
President, Lotha Youth Hoho, Wokha
Er. Sanchio Kithan
Chairman, Wokha Town Colonies Union
Vandan Erui
President, WD Village Council Chairmen Association
& Chairman, Wokha Village Council