Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Lotha Hoho disapproves 14 tribes meeting’s decision

Dimapur, June 12: Lotha Hoho has expressed displeasure over the conduct of a meeting of 14 tribes of Nagaland today (June 12) at APO Hall, Kohima on matters relating to the delimitation process in the state and said that the Lotha Hoho along with some tribes do not subscribe to the decision taken today.
In a press release issued by Lotha Hoho Chairman, Er Mhondamo Ovung and general secretary, S Abenthung Ngullie, the Hoho stated that the meeting was not only convened shoddily as the Tribal bodies were not intimated properly and secondly, as a convention, the meeting should propose a seasonal chairman and secretary but that was not followed.
The Hoho alleged that as the meeting began, the apparently pre-arranged chairperson came out with a prepared draft representation to the Governor which was not read out but simply asked the Presidents/Chairmen of tribal Hohos to say whether they opt for solution first or delimitation first.
Stating that this, for the Lothas, is an insult to all right thinking citizens of a democratic society, the HOho said democracy demands that any decision before arriving at must be deliberated threadbare before finalizing any decision.
“In defiance of democratic value, the meeting which was called only to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the question whether a tribe chooses delimitation or solution first implied as if GOI was asking Tribal Hohos to choose one from the other,” it said adding, “As we understand well, the issue of delimitation is only a kitchen arrangement to bring about proportionate representation of people to the State Assembly for equal opportunity of development which was due from 2002 but was differed until further order for Nagaland along with Manipur, Assam and Arunachal and being only for further order the centre re-notified recently.”
It asked: What has delimitation exercise to do with the Naga issue as long as Nagaland is a State within the Union of India?
If Nagaland Tribes are so genuinely serious in Naga issue, then the political approach should be a choice between elections or settlement but not delimitation, it said adding one should not demean the sacrosanct Naga movement with a domestic affair like delimitation. (Page News Service)