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Lotha Hoho demands rewriting of NMA 2001

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DIMAPUR, MARCH 23: The Lotha Hoho has demanded that the existing Municipal Act 2001 be rewritten in a way that is relevant to Nagaland under the Special Constitutional provisions of Article 371 (A) and others before conducting any ULB election in Nagaland.
It also demanded that the Amended Sections and Clauses must be incorporated in the existing Act and the rewritten Act to be made a new publication; for wide public circulation.
If the Municipal Act 2001 is not amended, as demanded, the Town Councils under Wokha district will not be allowed to participate in the ULB Election, the Lotha Hoho said.
According to a press release issued by Lotha Hoho chairman, Er Mhondamo Ovung and general secretary, S Abenthung Ngullie, the Lotha Hoho and its frontal organizations held a meeting today and deliberated on the imbroglio of ensuring Urban Local Bodies election 2023.
Reasserting the Lotha Hoho Resolution of January 17, 2017 to boycott ULB Election under the existing Municipal Act 2001, the leaders of organisations representing the general public, who attended the meeting resolved to demand for rewriting the Nagaland Municipal Act 2001, before conducting any ULB Election.
It also clarified that the Lotha public are neither against any ULB Election nor is it is against payment of relevant tax.
The Lotha Hoho stated that Article 371 (A) does not
explicitly say anything on Women Reservation but among the various provisions it clearly says to safeguard the “(i) Religious or Social practices of the Nagas” and “(ii) Naga Customary laws and Procedures”, etc ; and hence Women Reservation clearly infringes on the provisions of Article 371 (A) (i) (a) (ii) and (iii).
However it said with changing times the consensus decision of the Nagas may be taken on women reservation, if it is for the common good of the Nagas.
Stating that without tax payment by the people, no Government can run or survive, the Lotha Hoho said tax that is relevant and feasible to the reality of Nagas of Nagaland may be worked out and Nagas should learn to be self-reliant.
It said the provisions on taxation in the existing Municipal Act 2001, should be rectified in such a way that the mode of taxation is within the ambit and circumstances of Nagaland under the constitutional provisions for 0Nagas.
All these realisations clearly mean to rewrite the Municipal Act in the context of Nagaland and its people, it added.
Stating that the provisions of the Nagaland Municipal Act 2001 are all interrelated and the Clauses and Sub-Clauses are linked in such a way to be implemented in a synchronised manner and action, the Lotha Hoho said deletion or omission or removal of any Clause or Sub-Clause will only create confusion and becomes ambiguous.
The Lotha Hoho also expressed dissatisfaction with the 74th Amendment and the recent Municipal Affairs Department’s March 18, 2023 Press Statement.
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