Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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LoO reacts to NDPP

Apropos the Press Statement of NDPP, Media & Communication Committee released on 28th Oct. 2018, Office of the Leader of Opposition is constrained to issue the following for general understanding.
1.Leader of Opposition, TR Zeliang did not meet any Central leaders of the Indian National Congress in Delhi as alleged by NDPP in its Press statement. If NDPP is so certain of TR Zeliang’s meeting with BJP leaders or Congress leaders, the Party must be specific with its allegation and clarify when, where and which Central leader of the Congress Party TR Zeliang met in Delhi?
2.TR Zeliang is a bonafide citizen of India and is free to visit Delhi or any other part of the Country if he so desires and being in a certain place during a particular time in no way rationalises the dull-witted-thesis of NDPP as described in its statement. Abhishek Singhvi, a Senior Lawyer and Politician belonging to the Indian National Congress is learnt to have been engaged by the Petitioner Zeneisiile Ate Loucii in the NDPP de-registration case. But however, linkage of the Leader of Opposition or MLA(s) of the NPF Party to the Congress Party as a result of the above circumstance is not an intelligent presumption.
3.NDPP is in the habit of accusing the Leader of Opposition without any basis and many a times, it has failed to substantiate its point of allegation. Its routine of questioning every visit of TR Zeliang to Delhi and cooking-up lies after lies is cheap and obnoxious.
The NPF Party is neither a part of UPA nor NDA as of now and even if TR Zeliang did meet any leader(s) of any National Party or Regional Party in Delhi or any other part of the Country, there is nothing wrong in it. TR Zeliang is free to meet any Central leaders of any Political Party on any issue and there is no legal or civil sanction restricting him to do so. However, if NDPP still prefers to accuse the Leader of Opposition of meeting Central leaders concerning the survival of NDPP as a Political Party, it should come out with valid facts instead of beating around the bush.
-Information & Publicity Wing,
Office of the Leader of Opposition, Nagaland.

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