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Longleng District devises more compassionate initiatives

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KOHIMA, JUNE 4: Civil society organisations and the Church at Longleng continue to devise compassionate initiatives during this time of uncertainty clouded by the pandemic.

This time, various NGOs and the Church have come together again in Longleng Town to the assistance of disadvantaged people, who have no shelter to take refuge in, in the event they are afflicted with the Coronavirus. This noble initiative, evidently the first of its kind in the State, is initiated by the Phom, Baptist Church Association (PBCA), Phom People’s Council (PPC), Phom Students’ Conference (PSC), Phomla Hoichem and the 11 Wards Union of Longleng Town, to collectively establish a “Community Home Isolation Centre” (CHIC) to cater to the needs of disadvantaged people.
“Longleng District is the first to come up with the idea of setting up a Community Home Isolation Centre (CHIC) with 25-bed rooms with much concern especially focussed on the common people who do not have requisite facilities for self-isolation at home in the rural set up” said the Executive Secretary of PBCA, N Tialemba Phom. He said the main objective of establishing the Isolation Centre is to break the chain of transmission of virus from one person to another and to contain the magnitude of COVID- 19 in the District.
Phom said the crisis of the fight against COVID-19 pandemic cannot be demarcated only for the Government or medical fraternity. He further said with the uncontrollable spread of the virus it is evident that all experts, professionals, NGOs, Churches and right thinking citizens must come forward to put collective wisdom and join hands together in unity and solidarity, and also seek the power of Almighty in humility to bring an end to the pandemic, keeping a sense of humanity as a nerve centre.
“The hope and faith is that we still have God who is above the COVID-19 pandemic, so let us keep the faith growing and not lose hope”, he urged people to stay strong.
Since the start of battle against the pandemic last year PBCA and civil society organisations in Longleng district have been coordinating with the Health Department and District Administration. This time round, led by the PBCA, Longleng District continues to support the Government’s initiative in the state-wide vaccination drive.

Meanwhile another round of vaccination for 45 years and above will be conducted at Multi Baptist Church premises, Longleng, on June 6.
Last Sunday at least 260 people were vaccinated in one village. (Page News Service)