Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Longleng administration revises rates of commodities

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Dimapur, November 19: Longleng district administration has revised the prices of commodities in the district with immediate effect.
Non-essential commodities: Local Sand (Assea) -1CFT – Rs 70; Kanaighat Sand-1CFT – Rs 100; Bricks A Class per piece – Rs 19; MS Rods 16MM per kg – Rs 50; MS Rods 12MM per kg – Rs 51; MS Rods 10 MM per kg – Rs 52; MS Rods 8 MM per kg – Rs 53 and MS Rods 6 MM per kg – Rs 57
Essential commodities: Potato per kg – Rs 45; Onion per kg – Rs 60; Chilli per kg – Rs 140; Tomato per kg – Rs 70 and Pork per kg – Rs 280
The administration directed all business establishments dealing with sand & MS Rods to strictly adhere to standard weighing of products/commodity. The price/rates of items are subject to periodical/seasonal review.
The order warned that non-compliance shall invite action that may even include cancellation of trade license.
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