Saturday, April 17, 2021

Longkhum vegetable village gets Tata Yodha vehicle

Dimapur, December 5: Advisor for Horticulture, Mhathung Yanthan handed a Tata Yodha vehicle to Longkhum Vegetable Village at a function held at Horti-Scape, Kisama on December 3.
Mhathung Yanthan said he was impressed and happy to see the farming system of Longkhum vegetable village during his visit to the village, and added that the farmers of the village have change their cropping pattern from the old traditional jhum farming and are farming in the right direction which generates a profit 10 times more with their vegetable and fruit farming than the traditional rice farming. He wished that farmers across the State would do the same as Longkhum vegetable village which is producing organic products such as fruits and vegetables, choosing the right crops suitable to its climate and environment and the pattern of farming.
The Advisor credited the Longkhum Vegetable Village for the award received by the
State for Best Horticulture State presented by the Agriculture Leadership Award 2018 and Transforming State Horticulture presented by the Indian Council Food & Agriculture.
The Advisor advised the Longkhum Vegetable Village to do their farming in a permanent area so that aid and development can be given and taken up for future scope of the village. Seeing the importance of transportation for the famers, the Advisor handed over a truck to the Longkhum Vegetable Village under the Tata Yodha vehicle programme.
Joint Director, Horticulture, Quotovi Wotsa said vegetable village has been launched in almost all the villages of Kohima, Tuensang, Phek and Mokokchung. He said that Longkhum vegetable village is a model vegetable village which is producing tomatoes, cabbage and chillies and having link to the markets. He was hopeful that the famers of the village will focus to produce only organic vegetables and fruits.
Chairman of Longkhum village council, I. Sentonglemba said that majority of the Nagas were cultivators but with the change of time and development, it is being replaced by farming. The cultivation of Longkhum under the invitation and leadership of SI Aren, village extension worker, Mokokchung District, started vegetable farming in the village. In seeing the progress and scope, the Horti department recognized Longkhum village as potato seed village in 2002 and in 2004 as a vegetable village and the department has been giving full attention in helping the farmers.
Chairman, Longkhum vegetable village, Rongsenmayang said that farmers are the ones producing vegetables, fruits, grain for the State as well as for the country. He said there are no marketing facilities in localities even though they supply to Dimapur, Kohima with their own manpower and urged the government for financial assistance, proper marketing for farmers as the next potato season is coming.
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