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Longjemdang Villagers hands over 16 ½ ft Python to NZP


KOHIMA, MAY 19: A python was handed over to the officials of Nagaland Zoological Park, Rangapahar, at Longjemdang Village, on Wednesday.
Longjemdang village is situated 65 kilometres away from Mokokchung.
A source informed that the python measured around 16 ½ feet long and weighed more than 50 kilograms.
While the NZP could not be reached for a detailed report, Ajungchang, a family member of the persons involved in rescuing the python, said that the python was sighted on May 13 by one of the farm workers around 11 a.m.
“One of our farm workers followed the sound of a goat bleating only to discover that the mother goat was already engulfed by the python.
Later, arrangements were made to secure the python and we further contacted the NZP”, he said.
Subsequently, the NZP had awarded Tinukumba and Tiakumzuk with a lifetime free entry to the NZP, along with a cash prize of Rs. 2000 each.
Ajungchang also informed that many villagers have reported having sighted pythons in the previous years. The forest cover adjacent to the village still boasts the presence of elephants, leopards and other wildlife. However, crop damage caused by elephants is becoming a serious issue, he said.
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