Long queues & low turnout expected during polls

Long queues & low turnout expected during polls

Mon, February 25: When everything appears to be right, something may just go wrong.
As candidates fight pitches battles to win not just individual voters but also village council chairmen and family heads, the Election Commission of India will this year cause a disruption. In fact, voting percentage in Nagaland may see a substantial drop as one man-one vote will be enforced on Tuesday.
Videography at all polling stations will make bogus voting virtually impossible. It will also make it difficult for village council heads to vote on behalf of villagers or family head to vote for his wife and children.
“This is going to have a big impact,” says Mon town hotelier W.T Konyak.
A presiding officer in Dimapur said he would implement the rules strictly. “If I don’t then my service can be terminated,” he said.
To aid presiding officers there will be CCTV cameras installed at sensitive polling stations. Voters can expect long queues, as each individual will have to vote. Time taken per voter will also be longer due to double verification and installation of VVPATs.
Political parties are concerned about how it will impact the results. “We don’t know what will happen but this was necessary,” said an NPF leader.
Across the state NPF and NDPP candidates have spent time and money to influence VC chairmen but at the eleventh hour, it may simply prove futile. “Tomorrow we will hold meetings with VC chairpersons and GBs to remind the rules. Some village chairmen have been directly warned by ECI,” said an officer on election duty.
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