Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Lok Sabha makes a clean savings of Rs 668.86 crore in 3 years

Om Birla

Our Spl Correspondent
NEW DELHI, JUNE 18: Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla completes 3 years in office on June 19, Sunday.
Last 3 years have seen busy House proceedings often extending till late night and unprecedented precautionary measures were taken during the COVIFD-19 pandemic.
A statement by the Lok Sabha Secretariat said, innovations and initiatives of Speaker Birla, a lawmaker from Rajasthan, has led to significant improvement in the functioning of the Lok Sabha and prudent financial management has resulted in saving of a whopping Rs 668.86 crore in 3 years.
Since assuming Office of Speaker, Birla has given utmost importance to financial management.
Steps such as eliminating avoidable expenditure, reducing the use of paper, increased use of technology and procurement through GeM portal for all purchases by the Lok Sabha Secretariat have played an important role in financial savings, the statement said.
The figures of savings of Rs 151.08 crore in the budget allocated in the first year of the 17th Lok Sabha in 2019-20, Rs. 251.31 crore in 2020-21 and Rs. 258.47 crore in 2021-22 speak for themselves.
This amount is about 27% of the allocated budget of 3 years.
Compared to this, savings of Rs 7.01 crores in 12th Lok Sabha, Rs. 99.52 crores in 13th, Rs. 145.07 crores in 14th, Rs. 94.17 crores in 15th and Rs 461 crores were made in 16th Lok Sabha.
Birla interacted with a group of journalists including from the Northeast and representative of Nagaland Page during the last few days.
He fielded various questions on parliamentary proceedings and the steps necessary to bring in “further improvement” in media’s interaction with the Lok Sabha secretariat.
To a question, he said as per parliamentary proceedings and precedence, some issues need closer studies such as the ‘need to codify’ the subjects related to privileges of members.
On another issue, Birla said, “I understand the problems of print medium especially. Because at times, matters expunged from the proceedings are reported live by television and are also available on social media but cannot be reported by newspaper journalists.”