Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Lok Adalat dispose cases amounting to Rs 1.53 cr


Dimapur, December 8: Nagaland State Legal Services Authority conducted National Lok Adalat (peoples court) all across the State constituting 11 Lok Adalat benches headed by District Judges, Chief Judicial Magistrate and Civil Judges who acted as presiding officers and the panel lawyers serving as conciliators along with the para legal volunteers who acted as members.
The National Lok Adalat through conciliatory and pervasive efforts took up a total of 448 cases for settlement and grappled a total of 352 cases for disposal and settlement before the jurisdiction of the Lok Adalat. The total settlement amount involved in the disposed cases amounts to Rs 1,53,42,145.
The settlement amount is the amount mutually agreed for payment between the litigants/parties involved in a dispute where the parties arrive at a willing amount to settle the disputes for the damaged caused or payment through amicably negotiated amount on a claim by a party. Settlement amount also includes the fine money, bank recovery money, compensation money, etc among the disposed cases.
Today’s cases referred before the National Lok Adalat were dealt mostly on bank recovery cases, Motor Accident Claim Tribunal (MACT) cases.
In the districts of Tuensang and Longleng, Mobile Lok Adalat was also conducted where the District Legal Services institution with the assistance of traffic police conducted traffic challan inspection under various traffic regulations.
The Lok Adalat sittings were observed within the premises of the District Court buildings and prior to the holding of Lok Adalat, necessary communications were reached out to the parties and litigants encouraging them to come forward and settle their disputes/cases in the forum of Lok Adalat. The litigants & parties were also informed on the mechanism and benefit of Lok Adalat and also apprise them that they need not worry about getting into serious legal matters as appearing before the Lok Adalat is only to amicably settle a dispute among them.
Nagaland State Legal Services Authority is the implementing nodal agency vested with the jurisdiction to organise and conducts National Lok Adalat (Peoples’ Court) under the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987. This type of Lok Adalat is held at regular intervals which has benefited the citizens with the privilege of settling their disputes at free of cost all across the State. (Page News Service)