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Lockdown: Nagaland Govt issues consolidated revised guidelines

Dimapur, April 20: The Government of Nagaland has issued consolidated revised guidelines in implementation of the lockdown with immediate effect up to May 3.
The consolidated revised guidelines incorporates\ the additional activities to be allowed which will come into effect from April 20. However, the additional activities are to be operationalized based on strict compliance to the existing guidelines on lockdown measures.
Chief Secretary Temjen Toy IAS said the consolidated revised guidelines will not apply in containment zones, as demarcated by the Department of Health & Family Welfare/District administration. If any new area is included in the category of a containment zone, the activities allowed in that area till the time of its categorization as a containment zone, will be suspended except for those activities as are specifically permitted under the guidelines of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), Government of India.

  1. With the extension of the lockdown period, the following activities will continue to remain PROHIBITED across the State of Nagaland until 3rd May, 2020:
    1. All Buses for public transport.
    2. Inter-district and inter-State movement of individuals except for medical reasons or for activities permitted under these guidelines.
    3. All educational, training, coaching institutions etc. shall remain closed.
    4. Taxis (including auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws) and services of cab aggregators.
    5. All cinema halls, malls, shopping complexes, gymnasiums, sports complexes, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theatres, dine in restaurants and auditoriums, assembly halls and similar places.
    6. Activities mentioned in Sub-Clause (v) under Clause 14 on Commercial and private establishments in Ministry of Home Affairs Order No. 40-3/2020-DM-I(A), dated 15.04.2020.
    7. All social/ political/ sports/ entertainment/ academic/ cultural/ religious functions/ other gatherings.
    8. All religious places/ places of worship shall be closed for public. Religious congregations are strictly prohibited.
    9. In case of funerals, congregation of more than twenty persons will not be permitted.
    10. In addition as a matter of abundant caution, sealing of inter-state borders will continue in toto as existing before the 15th of April, 2020 in the following border Administrative Sub-Divisions and its subordinate Administrative Circles:
  • Dimapur Sadar
  • Niuland Sub-Division
  • Dhansiripar Sub-Division
  • Siethiekema Circle
  • Jalukie Sub-Division
  • Bhandari Sub-Division
  • Mangkolemba Sub-Division
  • Tuli Sub-Division
  • Tamlu Sub-Division
  • Naginimora Sub-Division
  • Tizit Sub-Division
  • Pfutsero Sub-Division
  • Meluri Sub-Division
  • Jakhama Sub-Division

In all these Sub-Divisions, total Lockdown conditions will be imposed andonly movement of goods vehicles, including those transiting the State, shall be allowed after proper medical screening of the drivers and attendants of those vehicles through designated Entry and Exit Points. However, inter State movement of vehicles and individuals will not be allowed in Bhandari Sub-Division.

  1. The International Border of the State with Myanmar shall continue to remain sealed as before.
  1. Operation of guidelines in Hotspots and containment zones
  2. Hotspots, i.e., areas of large COVID-19 outbreaks, or clusters with significant spread of COVID-19, will be determined as per the guidelines issued by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), Government of India (GoI).
  3. In these hotspots, containment zones will be demarcated by District administrations as per the guidelines of MoHFW.
  4. In these containment zones, the activities allowed under these guidelines will not be permitted. There shall be strict perimeter control in the area of the containment zones to ensure that there is no unchecked inward/ outward movement of population from these zones except for maintaining essential services (including medical emergencies and law and order related duties) and Government business continuity. The guidelines issued in this regard by MoHFW shall be strictly implemented.
  5. Persons to remain under mandatory quarantine, as under:
  6. All such persons who have been directed by health care personnel to remain under strict home/ institutional quarantine for a period as decided by local Health Authorities.
  7. Persons violating quarantine will be liable to legal action under Section 188 of the IPC, 1860.
  8. Quarantined persons, who have arrived in India after 15.2.2020, after expiry of their quarantine period and being tested Covid-19 negative, will be released following the protocol prescribed in the SOP issued by MHA.
  9. Activities Permitted Under Lockdown Measures
  10. Inter district movement of commercial passenger vehicles shall remain barred except vehicles carrying goods and commodities. This exception will include goods vehicles transiting the State which will be allowed after the mandatory medical screening of the drivers and attendants.
  11. The general public shall continue to strictly maintain social distancing and wearing of face masks, even homemade, will now be mandatory.
  12. Shops and outlets dealing with food grains, food items, vegetables, daily use items, other essential commodities will be allowed to open for extended hours as per schedule to be notified by respective Deputy Commissioners, taking into account the local conditions and circumstances. Shops and outlets dealing with other items and goods will continue to remain closed.
  13. Salons, dine-in restaurants, eateries, departmental stores and malls shall also continue to remain closed. However, home deliveries from dine-in restaurants, food outlets and delivery of online orders of essential commodities shall be permitted. Such establishments are to ensure social distancing for staff as well as customers within their premises.Dhabas at strategic locations along the highway will be permitted to function to cater to the needs of persons involved in transportation of goods. The respective Deputy Commissioners will identify such establishments.
  14. The proprietors of the shops and establishments which are allowed to open will make arrangements for keeping hand sanitizers or provide facilities for hand washing with soap and water for the public as well as for their own staff/workers. The proprietors of the shops and establishments should also get the door handles, surfaces and other objects which are frequently touched by people cleaned and disinfected. Social distancing measures will also be adhered to at all the shops and outlets.
  15. Hawker stalls located in crowded areas which offer no scope for enforcing satisfactory social distancing like the Hongkong Market, New Market in Dimapur Town, BOC Market in Kohima etc. shall remain closed except those shops/outlets dealing with food grains, vegetables, food items, medicines and other essential items and goods.Respective Deputy Commissioners, on assessing the ground situation, may issue suitable orders in this regard.
  16. Services provided by self-employed persons like Electricians, IT repairs, Plumbers, Carpenters etc. will be permitted, provided proper social distancing norms are followed.
  17. The use of common public toilets shall be prohibited.
  18. There shall be restrictions on gatherings at public places of more than 5 people.
  19. All the public places in the State like parks, museums, libraries, recreation centers etc. and all religious places, movie halls shall continue to remain closed
  20. Wedding receptions and all social /political /sports/ entertainment/ academic/cultural /religious functions/gathering will continue to remain barred.
  21. All construction activities, all agricultural and farming related activities including veterinary services, transportation of seeds, saplings, fertilizers, etc., MGNREGA activities, Mid-Day Meal schemes, Social Security Schemes may resume. However, it may be ensured that the prescribed physical distancing is strictly observed.
  22. Offices and Educational Institutions:
  23. All Schools and educational institutions, including home tutorials and vocational institutions, shall continue to remain closed till further orders.
  24. The functioning of Offices of the State Government will be as per Home Department Office Memorandum NO. GAB-1/COM/GEN-1/2020, dated 13th April, 2020.
  25. Offices of the Government of India, its Autonomous/Subordinate Offices will function as per the guidelines issued vide Ministry of Home Affairs Order No. 40-3/2020-DM-I(A), dated 15.04.2020, Clause 18. Respective Deputy Commissioners may facilitate for movement of officers and staff.
  26. Essential Service Providers like BSNL & Private Telecom Services, Internet Service Providers, Media, LPG, Banks & ATMs, Petroleum outlets, Treasury, Fire & Emergency Services, Home Guards & Civil Defence, Prisons, PHED, Power, NIC, DIPR, Postal Services, Food & Civil Supplies, Social Welfare, IT&C, Municipalities/Councils,AIR, Doordarshan, Pharmacies, District Administration, Police and Medical shall continue as per previous arrangements.
  27. Instructions for enforcement of above lockdown measures:
  28. All the Deputy Commissioners shall strictly enforce directives as specified in the No. CSO/GAB-1/COM/GEN-1/2020, dated 15th April 2020. Penalties prescribed shall be levied and collected from all persons and entities violating these directives (Annexure-I).
  29. All industrial and commercial establishments, work places, officesetc, shall put in place arrangements for implementation of SOP as per the order vide No. CSO/GAB-1/COM/GEN-1/2020, dated 15th April 2020 and as the SOP laid down in Annexure II.
  30. In order to implement these containment measures, the Deputy Commissioners will deploy Executive Magistrates as Incident Commanders in the respective local The Incident Commander will be responsible for the overall implementation of these measures in their respective jurisdictions. All other line department officials in the specified area will work under the directions of such incident commander. The Incident Commander will issue passes for enabling essential movements as explained.
  31. The Incident Commanders will in particular ensure that all efforts for mobilization of resources, workers and material for augmentation and expansion of hospital infrastructure shall continue without any hindrance.
  32. This Order is issued in supersession of all earlier Orders, except where mentioned.
  33. Penal provisions
  34. Any person violating these lockdown measures will be liable to be proceeded against as per the provisions of Section 51 to 60 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005, besides legal action under Sec. 188 of the IPC, and other legal provisions as applicable.

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