Friday, March 5, 2021
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Lockdown 4.0: Kohima witnesses heavy traffic jam


Kohima, May 18: The first day of fourth phase of the countrywide lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic saw heavy traffic jam and substantial violation of protocol recommended by the authorities here in the State capital.
While the State Government is yet to issue its own guidelines for the fourth phase of lockdown, the Union Government has already issued guideline Sunday evening. But here in the State capital, in total contradiction to the guidelines, there was heavy traffic jam since morning, putting the police on their toes to ease vehicular traffic.
Social distancing protocol was out of question. The city experienced the normal traffic jams like any regular days before the countrywide lockdown. Most of the shops were opened as today being Monday.
Authorities remained just mute spectators despite mass violation of lockdown guidelines by the people.
Traffic jam was compounded by unsystematic parking of vehicles in the town and the authorities’ inability to enforce the rules and regulations.
In Kohima most of the roads in the colonies and wards have been virtually converted into parking lots and the authorities have failed to act upon. The very purpose of Government maintaining circular roads and roads in colonies and wards has been misused by reckless citizens.
The main cause of traffic problem in Kohima is due to random parking of cars and misuse of public roads as parking lots.
Traffic violation has become a normal standard in cities like Kohima and Dimapur. (Page News Service)