Monday, April 19, 2021
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Local taxis stop plying in Kohima; Protest mushrooming of pvt taxis without permits


Kohima, February 18: Local Taxis are off the road again in Kohima in protest against mushrooming of private taxis without permits, who are forcibly taking over the parking lots of local Taxis.
Taxi drivers said they will not ply their taxis till the matter is resolved by the authorities. Lately there has been mushrooming of private cars which are allowed to ply as taxis under the nose of the authorities which has affected the local taxis.
Recently the local taxi station at High school/Secretariat junction has been reportedly allotted to private cars, which has ignited a protest from the taxi drivers to stay off the roads.
Taxis drivers resented that government should not allow private cars to operate as taxis and directed those private car owners to own taxi permits if they want to operate.
“As taxi we are paying tax to government, taxi union and other organisations but these private cars are not paying anything to the government,” a taxi driver said.
Private cars are operating as taxi from at least five-six parkings, but authorities have remained helpless, according to taxi drivers.
(Page News Service)