Local church initiates training on animal health care


Dimapur, May 15: A 1-day training programme was organised by Jalukie Town Ao Baptist Church resource management committee on May 12 at Jalukie Town Ao Baptist Church, Jalukie on the theme ‘One world one health’.
Convenor, Bendangonen Jamir in his key note address challenged the participants about the responsibility of humankind towards all created beings and particularly mentioned about live-stocks who are human’s closes neighbour and source for all wellbeing.
Resource person, Dr Sentitula, IFS, Divisional Forest Officer, Peren delivered a talk on “Care, management and breeding of poultry”. She spoke on a number of sub themes such as poultry broiler farming, layer poultry farming, backyard poultry farming and the economics of raising livestock.
Resource person Dr Imtiwati, Assistant Professor, College of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry, Jalukie, Peren delivered a talk on critical manage-mental interventions for profitable piggery. His presentation covered various topics on critical management of pregnant gilts/sows to be adopted before, during and after farrowing in sow, management of piglet’s up to 2 months of age, growers and boar.
The programme was followed by animal health care camp, distribution of free medicines and vaccination. Sungjeminla and Rongsentila, Veterinary Field Assistant assisted the doctors in handling more than 50 cases. (Page News Service)