Friday, June 18, 2021
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‘Local buyers’ denied purchases at wholesale market in Dimapur, alleges BAN


Dimapur, April 7: The Business Association of Nagas (BAN) has alleged that many ‘local buyers’ with authorization letters from village councils/competent authority are denied their share of purchases at the wholesale market in Dimapur. It claimed that the whole sellers are not willing to sell to ‘locals’ saying that there is no stock or the size of the buyer’s vehicle is small.
In a press release, BAN said during a meeting held on April 3 among members of the State Government special committee and various stakeholders it was decided that buying from the wholesale market will be permitted with written permission from the administrative officer/GB/ village council concerned.
“If village councils/colonies of Dimapur do not get their due share at the wholesale market, this will have a negative impact on the lockdown as people will have to fulfill their needs by venturing out to other colonies/ villages,” it said, while requesting the concerned authorities to ensure equitable distribution of essentials items during such difficult times.
BAN also advised any person with valid document denied his share of purchase at the wholesale market to report to BAN at 9436012590/ 962588719/ 7005609377.
BAN further requested the authorities and village councils to keep a check on the price rise. (Page News Service)