Loaded bags


With a load packed bag nearly half the weight of a child, his struggle for getting up in the  wee hours, rushing for tuitions and to school and after all struggle he has no time for hobbies and plays. Indeed it is sad to observe our kids with heavy weight bags bending their backs ever ready to tumble any side while walking to and fro to respective schools/homes or boarding/de-boarding the school buses. Fatigued physically they remain stressed and busy in completing too much assigned home work to have any respite to relax. Parents too get involved as aids so that wards do not suffer results of incomplete or ill-done homework. Time shortens for them to know what they write except rote impeding the development of creative skills necessary for new and wider realms of education and learning to face the challenges in the competitive world. No prescribed regulations exist for course combination suitable to these innocent children to allow them to bloom with age cycles to obviate stress at least up to 8 years of age. Here it is not know whether there is any law in place in our State that prescribes what weight a school bags should be. According to reports, many states in the country have laws where under the weight of the school bag with books is prescribed to be limited to 10 percent of the over all body weight of a kid. The point is that bombarding the kids with number of books does not in any way make them scholars, scientists and intellectuals overnight to sprout the knowledge from as no container can hold more than its capacity. Moreover, the kids should have time and congenial atmosphere to freely interact with his/her teacher. Today it is the usual classroom teaching with the teachers busy in writing on the blackboards/whiteboards and the students busy in jotting the lines down. The oral teaching is just the same as the telling of grandmotherly tales. Moreover, the opportunities for the curricular and co-curricular activities are always limited but biased at the most. All this helps breed a generation of such an educated youth that hardly can perform in practical life outside the campus. Apparently what we study today is not the experience for life but just some study matter to deliver in exams. Coming to the weight of the school bags, while there is no harm in obtaining leads from outside the state, a committee of local relevant experts comprising of educationists, academicians and psychologists can better guide for evolving a solution. One way of dealing with this issue of bag weights can be to apportion the books over six days of the week with duration of periods extended so that kids may learn and write the lesson at school. Another way of lessening the weight of the school bags may be to curtail the syllabus contents suitably to meet the primary and the elementary requirements. You see, the coat has to be cut according to the body. This will enable them to understand by reason and logic what they are being taught. This will invigorate and energise them to try to know and learn more things having mastered little by little the previously taught ones who otherwise are tense not with learning but finishing the tasks. No spoon-feeding of education can work sprouting of this from within may. The model and modus-operandi for implementation must be enforced in private schools also for the kids there are grossly overloaded with the number of subjects, books, note books etc, more to meet the needs of the wild capitalism through the sale and purchase of extra books and other teaching/learning material than imparting knowledge and education requisite for innovative human resources development.