Live And Let Live


With scarce avenues for employment in the government sector and the absence of the private sector in our state of Nagaland, many of our youngsters are frustrated due lack of job opportunities and source of substance. This has driven many to take up activities under duress and are basically detrimental to our society. Now, considering the above circumstances, it has been seen that some people are involved in bootlegging in our dry state for their survival. If compared to other activities, this is a lesser sin though one cannot disagree that it definitely is a sin. Of late it has been seen that Central Security Forces are carrying out raids and MVCP and alcoholic drinks are being seized on a very regular basis. There is no denying the fact that it falls under their purview of duty to check these sort of activities, more so with the Arms Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA) in force. But, as already mentioned above, the lack of employment forces many to take up these sort of business to make ends meet. Considering the circumstances that prevail in the state at present, it is expected that both the Central govt. agencies as well as the state govt. agencies look into the matter in a sympathetic manner as it may end up destroying many families and also force many youths to take up activities which may be more harmful to our society. As it is, people who drink alcohol will find some way or the other to get their quota. So what is the harm if some can earn a livelihood out of it?


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