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Linking ‘Kashmir policy’ with Naga issue was a trap: NPMHR

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Our Spl Correspondent
KOHIMA/NEW DELHI, SEPTEMBER 7: The Naga People’s Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) feels a possible solution to the Naga issue was “delayed and Missed” the moment the Government of India linked the 2019 new Kashmir policy with Nagaland and the demands from Naga underground outfits.
“We have no problem with whatever the Government of India decides about Kashmir…of course, human rights abuse concerns us. But as an organization committed to Naga matters, we say the Centre can have a policy of its own for Jammu & Kashmir”, a senior NPMHR leader said.
But he maintained that linking the August 5, 2019 policy to the Naga matters was “not a wise decision”.
“To a large extent, the Government of India is in a trap now…a trap of its own creation”, he opined.
The NPMHR leader says, “As the Government abrogated Art 370 and took away the Kashmir Flag and Constitution….a message went around deliberately or otherwise that no other State or region can have a separate Flag. Here comes the ‘Nagaland issue’ and thus this linking between Kashmir Policy and Naga issue was not a wise thing to do”, he said.
Therefore, he said the real faultline now for delaying the peace talks lies with the Central Government.
He also said the 2015 Framework Agreement was a positive outcome after a series of meetings and hard work over the years. “It did not come just over a chance meeting…late Vajpayee [the then PM] did his part and took a key political decision when he placed on record the appreciation of “unique history” of Nagas.”
But at later stage, especially after 2015, things were mishandled deliberately or by blunders of serious dimensions.
“If we have derailed something and if talks have been delayed…all of us have to pay a price”, the NPMHR leader said adding, between 2015 and 2017, negative elements were at work.
“We have nothing personal…but Governor RN Ravi did his share of mistakes by creating NNPGs”, he said, “We cannot blame NNPGs but it is true that the 7 militants groups were also sincere about unity and solution. But Government of India knew things were not simple”, he said.
The NPMHR leader said, “Thus we again walked on the path track of the 160Point Agreement and Shillong Accord. Creation of NNPG divided Nagas.”
Answering questions, he said the NPMHR is all for solution and also earlier solution.
“But let us not lay the foundation of creating another violent and aggressive group with their modern arms and time tested guerrilla warfare”, he said in reference to the Shillong Accord and how subsequently the NSCN was created and that had also led to division and split within the NNC.