Saturday, April 17, 2021

Lindi Nienu releases new album

Kohima, August 22: The 24 year old Lindi Nienu on Wednesday release a new single “Chasing the New” produced by A StillFilms production. His video is made available on YouTube at
On his new release single, Nienu said,”I just turned 24 today along with my release. So basically, this song is about moving on from my past, feeling more hopeful, mentally and spiritually I was at a better place. So even the concept of the video is from darkness to light, dusk to dawn”.
A Kohima based singer who has recently completed his master of degree (MA) in Ambedkar University Delhi. This is his first composed song and mentioned that another single is also on the way.
“I was feeling pretty down with myself and where my life was heading starting from my 2nd year BA up until my MA.. I wrote this song last summer. I finally felt like I understood myself, my goal and where I wanted to go in life, all thanks to God, I was feeling pretty up until last summer during my master’s. But then with God’s grace, I started reading books a lot which helped to finally chase what I always wanted to in my heart,music and also spiritually said Nienu.
(Page News Service)