Saturday, May 8, 2021
Page Mail

Limit number of pages in court-verdicts or issue a precise-version of court-verdicts simultaneously

Dear Madam,
Courts especially Supreme Court are giving very lengthy judgements at times running into hundreds or thousands of pages like Supreme Court verdict of 09.11.2019 on Ram Jambhoomi, which are practically not read by common persons including even litigants themselves and are even beyond understanding of commoners. Such lengthy court-verdicts are show-pieces for libraries and are read only by researchers and select lawyers. Need is that commoners including litigants may find short and precise court-verdicts so that they may not have to depend on lawyers to know salient features of the lengthy court-verdicts. Such an improved system will prevent media and commentators to twist court-findings according to their needs.
Things can improve a lot if India also adopts practice of countries where there is a limit on number of pages of court-verdicts which is different for Supreme Court, High Courts and Trial Courts in those countries. Or else, every lengthy court-verdict exceeding say 50 pages may be compulsorily accompanied by a precise version with a limit of say 50 pages to be simultaneously issued and posted on website on date of judgement itself.
Recommendations of meeting of Chairpersons of Computer Committees of High Courts chaired by the then Supreme Court Judge Justice Madan B Lokur (Judge in-charge of e-Committee of Supreme Court) on 2-3 August 2014 emphasised that for sake of uniformity, A-4 size paper-sheets should be used in preparing orders, judgements and depositions should be adopted abolishing British legacy of legal-size paper in courts.
Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Chandni Chowk, Delhi 110006