Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Lightning closure in Keziekie colony Kohima

A section of shops in Keziekie North Block remains closed following detection of a resident of the colony and KMC employee as COVID-19 positive on July 8, 2020.

Kohima, July 8: The only infection in Kohima out of the 12 confirmed cases of Coronavirus on Wednesday is an employee from Kohima Municipal Council (KMC).

He is a resident of Keziekie colony and following his test result being positive, even before the administration and health officials sealing the colony, the leaders imposed lightning closure of all shops and commercial activities within the colony while also restricting movement of people within the colony as containment measure and contact tracing.

Colony youth volunteers moved around requesting shop-keepers to close down while also restricting free movement of people unless for emergency purposes. Further details are awaited.

The state capital has a total of 126 confirmed Corona virus patients, out of which 66 had recovered till yesterday.     (Page News Service)