Thursday, November 30, 2023

Lidi Kro-u conducts training on traditional skills


Kohima, March 7: Moving beyond the rituals and festivities as part of the Sekrenyi celebration of the Angami tribe, Lidi Kro-u, a group of likeminded women from different khels (sectors) of Kohima village, conducted a 1-day training on traditional skills and knowledge training for young boys and girls at Ziekezou, near DBHSS Kohima on Saturday.
Concerned that the younger generations are lacking knowledge of traditional practices while the use of traditional items and work has been diminishing, the group came together with the idea of preservation and promotion of traditional skills and knowledge of the Angamis of Kohima village.
As part of the training, Lidi Kro-u group imparted woven traditional headgear (tsüla do dojükecü) and rice pounding and cleaning (ketsü thu mu pekhrei kecü) for young boys and girls.
Lidi Kro-u informed that they will continue to impart such traditional skills, folklores, cultural songs and traditional practices to interested youngsters.
(Page News Service)