Friday, February 26, 2021

Lhisemia Peli celebrates Sekrenyi

Kohima, March 9: Lhisemia Peli (peer group) Sekrenyi was held with eight Peli coming together to uphold the traditional festival and games at Rhieo Kizou at L Khel Kohima Village.
Marking the occasion, the peer groups competed in traditional games such Thapru and Khe Meshü for male and Kero Keteshü for both male and female.
In Thapru, Vilalhou Sorhie bagged the first position by jumping a distance of 8.8 feet while Dziesenguzo Vizo came scond with 8.3 feet.
In Khe Meshü, which was introduced for the first time, Dziesenguzo Vizo emerged winner by striking the bamboo stick at 6 feet high.
In Kero Keteshü (Tug of War) for men, Peli No. 12 emerged winner while Peli 15, 16 and Unified Peli bagged the second, third and fourth position.
In women Tug of War, Unified A Team comprising of the Khel women with local journalist and tourist defeated Unified B Team.
Exhorting the gathering, Tseivilie Miachieo while maintaining that the present generation is in an advanced world of information and technological reformation appealed that the good old practices should not forgotten.
He also said that the elders having the knowledge of the good old traditional values and cultural practices should pass it on to the younger generation in order to uphold the cultural identity.
Chairman of Lhisemia Council Kekhriesetuo dwelled on the significance of Sekrenyi festival.
Sekrenyi, also known as ‘Phousanyi’ is the premier festival of the Angami Nagas. It is a festival of purification and sanctification of the body, mind and soul.
Ritual are performed to cleanse off the past wrongs and sins; to renew and purify the body and soul of oneself, kinsmen, village and the community as a whole, ushering in greater aspiration and purpose in life.
Chaired by Lhisemia Youth Organisation general secretary Kekhrielie Tseikha the celebrations commenced with Pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church Rev Keviyiekielie Linyü pronouncing invocation prayer while LYO president Neingusalie Khruomo tendered the vote of thanks.
The celebration culminated with prize distribution and Sekrenyi feast. (Page News Service)