LH accuses NHIDCL of being incompetent

LH accuses NHIDCL of  being incompetent

Dimapur, August 5: The Lotha Hoho, the apex tribal organization of the Lotha Naga tribe, which is the core beneficiary tribe of Wokha- Merapani Highway, Nagaland today accused the NHIDCL of being incompetent in carrying out the construction works.
It expressed surprise that the NHIDCL and the Indian Technocrats Ltd has listed out materials like PHE pipes, retaining wall, house, market pineapple garden, agriculture land, boundary wall, plantation etc as hindrances to the road works.
The Hoho said any development work is done within human habitations and all these so called hindrances are actually usual items that are encountered in even a small stretch of maintenance work; and as such even a non technical reader would find these so called hindrances as laughable.
Are the NHIDCL and ITL so hopelessly inexperienced and incompetent?, the Lothat Hoho asked and stated that the length of all the items put together in line one after another may not occupy even one kilometer.
It said the total length of the road project is 65.585 km from Wokha to Merapani. “So leaving the so called hindrances, why not do the widening work in the remaining more than 64 kilometers of free stretch of road work?” it asked.
In a press release issued by its chairman, Mhao Humtsoe and general secretary, Er Mhondamo Ovung, the Hoho stated that the Lotha community wants to see the road project implemented as per specification as it is the lifeline of the district. It also disclosed that No Objection Certificate by the concerned land owner village authorities have already been submitted in September 2016.
The Hoho alleged that the contractor, CS Infraconstruction Ltd and the NHIDCL, instead of executing the required project work, go to the owner of the so called hindrances and indirectly threaten the owner that in the event the road widening works are taken up the house/ shop/garden would be demolished. The owner is made to write a claim for compensation or else the roadwork will be done without compensation, it added.
“This exercise is done without the knowledge of the Lotha organizations, and it is presumed that the NHIDCL and the contractor, C/S Infraconstruction Ltd have submitted these Claims to the Ministry and the NEC/DoNER, saying that the road work cannot be implemented, due to land owners’ objection. If the NHIDCL and contractor have obtained written Claims from owners of so called hindrances, these must have been done with coercion and to serve their vested interest of extracting maximum profit with minimum work,” the release stated.
Stating that the ongoing road work is likely to be another failure, the Lotha Hoho advised the NHIDCL and the Contractor, C/S Infraconstructuion Ltd to pack up, leave the road project and go away so that the project work can be awarded to a more competent contractor through a more efficient agency, by retendering. (Page News Service)