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Letter to CM: State JDU questions Governor’s intention

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Accuses Ravi of trying to capture power through backdoor
Dimapur, July 2: The JDU Nagaland has expressed shock over the letter of Nagaland Governor RN Ravi to the State Chief Minister on June 16, in which the “two-in-one Interlocutor cum Governor” had addressed the same groups of Naga nationalists with whom he has been sharing “common platforms” for the last several years as “armed gangs running outlawed governments in par with the legitimately elected government.”
Stating that the letter is “very unbecoming” of an Interlocutor who has been advocating peaceful solution to the task he was bestowed to accomplish and for which he has been time and again giving hopes to the Naga people, the State JDU in a press communiqué said the letter has exposed his (Ravi’s) true self towards the peace process he has been undertaking.
“The letter is nothing short of a surrender to his responsibility. It is indeed very saddening to see the revelation through the letter that the Government of India’s Interlocutor has given up hope of channelizing a solution to the ongoing political dialogue between the Naga Nationalists and the Government of India. The allegory of the letter reflects a very huge disappointment for the Naga people who had a very high regards and hope in him,” it said.
The JDU also questioned the Governor that if he is so convinced that the law and order has collapsed, what is stopping him to invoke his constitutional responsibility of recommending President Rule. “Instead of trying to capture power through backdoor by way of asking files to be routed through his office in the name of law and order, Hon’ble Governor must be more courageous to act upon the letter he has written if he truly means it. Otherwise, it is absolutely inappropriate for a constitutional head to participate in the functioning of an elected government by default,” it stated. (Page News Service)