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Letter of support from all political parties have been accepted, CM Rio informs Assembly

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Underlying message on 29 newbies win and 33 old timers losing

KOHIMA, MARCH 23: Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio today said that the newly formed NDPP-BJP alliance Government has accepted the ‘letter of support’ of all other political parties but he did make any official declaration of an ‘opposition-less’ Government.
Following Naga Peoples’ Front (NPF) MLA, Kuzholuzo Nienu raising queries in the floor of the Assembly about whether the ‘letter of support’ extended by non-NDPP-BJP parties has been accepted or not, Chief Minister Rio said, “I welcome the support extended to his Government by NPF party and also all the parties who have been gracious in extending the support”.
He said that the State Government requires support, cooperation and assistance of each and every member of all political parties in the interest of the Naga people for an early solution to the Naga Political Issue and various other issues confronting the State.
Rio also informed the House that he has already met the BJP central leaders and informed them about the acceptance of the support extended by other political parties and they have also accepted it.
“The support extended by other political parties cannot be refused”, he said.
Heartily accepting the support of other parties, Rio expressed confidence that “the coming together with all political parties in support will help the State in reaching even higher levels of development, progress and for early solution of Naga Political Issue which is what we aspire and look forward to”.
However, Rio did not say anything on the nomenclature of the opposition-less House.
He said the newly formed State Assembly has 29 new members out of the 60 while 33 members of the previous House could not be re-elected.
Saying that there is an underlying message in this verdict, he said “the people want positive change and performance”.
The duty of elected representatives is to deliver the goods to their citizens, he said, adding that, “We have taken the decision to serve the public and we must never undermine the mandate which the people have placed upon us.”
Reminding that the top most priority of the legislators is to ensure that the people always come first, he wished all members a successful tenure and also looked forward to their support in the collective endeavour to elevate the status of the State and fellow citizens.
Naga issue not the private property or domain of any one
On NPF claim to have championed the Naga political issue, he said “it is totally unreasonable and far from the reality of the given present situation”.
The NPI and the Naga political movement is not the private property or domain of any party, organisation or individual, he said adding that every Naga citizen is a direct stakeholder in the Naga aspiration for genuine peace and honourable solution as every Naga family across all Naga inhabited areas have made sacrifices and contributions to the Naga movement over generations.
“It is because of the contributions of all sections of the people that our movement has reached thus far. Our history and culture has been recognised as unique and political negotiations are ongoing at the highest level. Claiming to be the sole champion and the only party that stands for Naga issue is unacceptable and disrespect to all Nagas across generations”, he said.
Political parties should self-introspect & understand dynamics of electoral results
On NPF MLA Nienu’s charges the recent election was based on money power, Rio said, the electorates have spoken and to say that money power was the determining factor is disrespect to the fellow citizens including the very electors who voted for the two NPF MLAs.
“We should not undermine the mandate of the people. The electorate has spoken and to say that money power was the determining factor is disrespect to our fellow citizens. Let us not undermine the wisdom and intelligence of the people.
“Rather all of us including the political parties should self-introspect and try to understand the dynamics of the electoral results. Let us not make blanket statements that paint our State and our citizens in poor light”, he said.
He said that the primary works have started for Mon Medical College, and the major works will be carried out from 2023-24.
On the threat from illegal immigrants, the State Government has always been paying due attention to this problem and has always taken steps in ensuring that our State in no manner faces any problem in this matter.
“We moved to the online regime for ILP for online permit, extended the ILP regime to Dimapur which had always remained outside the purview of ILP and took various other administrative measures.
In order to completely curb the possibility of issues of fake Indigenous Inhabitant Certificate and protecting the rights of the Indigenous people of our State, we are in the process of taking several administrative and structural measures for strengthening the procedure for identification, scrutiny and issue of Indigenous certificate”, he said.
Foothill Road:
On foothill road, he said besides shortening the distances, it has the potential to immensely boost the economic activities in a large part of the State.
“The State Government is making all necessary efforts for its early construction”, he said while also reiterating that the Foothills Road has been planned from Tizit to Khelma only while distance would be resolved once the work for the first two phases commences.
On the status of up-gradation of Khelhoshe Polytechnic, Atoizu, to Degree College, he said the Institute is qualified and eligible to introduce Degree Engineering Course after getting the NBA accreditation. Land and other matters have been sorted out to the satisfaction of everyone and the necessary DPR has already been submitted to AICTE, he said adding that the Government is pursuing and hopeful of the up-gradation happening soon.
On the demand for highlighting Government policies and programmess and vision plans for every sector, Rio said the Government does have a plan for the coming years for every Department and sector while every attempt will be made to follow and do things in the interest of the public and for inclusive development in that sector pertaining to the Department concerned.
Concluding the debate on the motion of thanks to the Governor’s Adress, Rio appreciated all the Members for their participation. The deliberations have mostly been positive and fruitful and will go a long way in improving the delivery mechanisms of Government Departments, he said.
Asserting that the members that the Ministers and Advisors have all taken serious note of the deliberations and Government officials present in the session have taken note of the observations, Rio assured that all constructive suggestions will be followed up with sincerity.
As leader of the 14th NLA, Rio also expressed the appreciation of the House and all Members to Governor La Ganesan for addressing the first session of this new House.
He also extended appreciation and gratefulness to the citizens of the State and the electorate for reposing faith on his Government and giving a commendable victory to the People’s Democratic Alliance.
“The overwhelming mandate encourages us to work with renewed vigour in our collective endeavour to serve the citizens of the State”, Rio said.
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